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Part 1 – Before You Begin


Step 0 – Commit To Your Journey


Step 1 – Start With Why


Step 2: Discover Your “What”


Step 3: Visualize Your Dreams


Step 4: Set Your Financial Objectives


Step 5: Track Your Progress


Step 6: Treat Yourself


Step 7: Organize Your Paperwork


Step 8: Your Money Strategy


PART 2: Begin With The End In Mind


Step 9: Track Your Expenses


Step 10: Identify Your Debts


Step 11: Identify Your Assets


Step 12: Find Your Net Worth


Step 13: Set Your Net Worth Goal


PART 3: Identify Your Expenses


Step 14: Categorize Expenses


Step 15: Identify Your Fixed Expenses


Step 16: Identify Your Variable Expenses


Step 17: Identify Your Discretionary Expenses


Step 18: Identify Your Savings Expenses


Step 19: Your Cash Flow


Step 20: Your Money Map


Step 21: Beware Lifestyle Inflation


Step 22: Begin Your Budget


Step 23: Discuss Your Finances


Step 24: Your Money Moment


Step 25: Translate Expenses into Time Costs


Step 26: Limit One Expense


Step 27: Set Up Your Bank Accounts


Step 28: Start an Emergency Fund


Step 29: Check Your Balances Daily


Step 30: Pay Yourself First


Step 31: Use the 50/20/30 Rule


Step 32: Get One Month Ahead


Step 33: Automate Your Payments


Step 34: Make a Yearly Budget


Step 35: Start a Monthly Finance Review


PART 4: Identify Your Debts


Step 36: Learn about Compound Interest


Step 37: Avoid Debt


Step 38: Manage Credit Cards


Step 39: Optimize Your Credit Score


Step 40: The Impact of Extra Debt Payments


Step 41: How To Pay Off Debts


Step 42: Handling Windfalls


Step 43: Become Debt-Free


Step 44: Paying Down Your Mortgage


PART 5: Identify Your Savings


Step 45: Bolster Your Emergency Fund


Step 46: Start Small


Step 47: On Inflation and Interest Rates


Step 48: Your Savings Rate


Step 49: Set Your Savings Goals


Step 50: Pursue What You Love


PART 6: Build Your Income


Step 51: You Need Multiple Income Streams


Step 52: Income Stream 1: Active Income


Step 53: Income Stream 2: Profit Income


Step 54: Income Stream 3: Interest Income

Step 55: Income Stream 4: Capital Gains

Step 56: Income Stream 5: Dividend Income

Step 57: Income Stream 6: Royalties

Step 58: Income Stream 7: Rental Income

Step 59: Your Income Plan

PART 7: Identify Your Retirement

Step 60: An Introduction to Retirement Accounts

Step 61: Early Retirement & The Mega Backdoor ROTH

Step 62: Workplace Retirement Accounts

Step 63: Private Retirement Accounts

Step 64: Looking At Annuities

Step 65: More Retirement Money

PART 8: Build Up Your Investments

Step 66: Understanding Shares

Step 67: To Invest or Not to Invest

Step 68: Understanding Bonds

Step 69: Modern Portfolio Theory

Step 70: Investing In Stocks

Step 71: Investing in Mutual Funds

Step 72: Investing in Index Funds / ETFs

Step 73: Bull and Bear Markets

Step 74: Dollar Cost Averaging

Step 75: Rebalance Your Portfolio

Step 76: Lifestyle Investment Strategy

Step 77: Investing in Gold and Commodities

Step 78: Investing in Real Estate

Step 79: Investing In Startups

Step 80: The 4% Rule

Step 81: Sequence of Return Risk

PART 9: Protecting Your Money

Step 82: Life Insurance

Step 83: Health Insurance

Step 84: Disability Insurance

Step 85: Homeowner and Renter’s Insurance

Step 86: Car Insurance

Step 87: Warranties and Service Contracts

Step 88: Estate Planning

Step 89: Protecting Your Money

Step 90: An Introduction to Taxes

PART 10: What Comes Next

Step 91: Tax Planning

Step 92: Digitize Your Life

Step 93: Consider Hiring a Professional

Step 94: Find a Coach

Step 95: Set Aside Money for Your Children

Step 96: Teach Your Children about Finances

Step 97: Invest in Your Individual Capital

Step 98: Give to Charity

Step 99: Play the “What If” Game

Step 100: Stick to Your Journey

Step 101: Your Financial Independence