Crypto Bootcamp: All You Need To Know To Make $$ With Crypto (Includes Coaching) (Private)


This is our introductory course on cryptocurrency, plus four separate private “group” coaching sessions of at least an hour in length. Highly recommended to select this package for the most impact.



This is Mav’s introductory course on cryptocurrency, including everything you need to get started! We’ll cover how to buy cryptocurrency, what you DON’T need to know, how to prevent making beginner mistakes, how to analyze a cryptocurrency, and much more!

This is a 10 module class, delivered online with each module having a written PDF guide, an HD video in clear 60FPS, plus an online quiz to test your knowledge at each step of the way. Each video is delivered in HD through our online portal, expandable to full screen and/or mobile-ready.

This bundle includes the optional “coaching” package with four separate “private group” sessions where you can work with Mav on beginner skills and test your knowledge. In addition, alumni of this program will be invited to future coaching sessions for free! These group sessions will be conducted on youtube live so anywhere you have an internet feed, you can participate. Can’t attend? Each session is archived. 

If you are a current member, please apply your member’s discount through your coupon code at checkout and sign up using your current username/password. If you are new to ReadySetCrypto, please join us by registering with a valid email address so you can start in minutes!