Financial Freedom With Decentralized Finance


I’m excited to bring you my very best content on what I feel is THE trend of the upcoming years. Join us today!

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In this class, you get:

  • Direct access to the DeFi Discord Insider Group, which lets you find and discuss DeFi opportunities with an exclusive group led by Mav
  • 2 Hour+ of video instructional content teaching you what DeFi and why they’re such a tremendous opportunity
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  • Access to weekly calls, DeFi analysis, and research on the space
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Decentralized finance, or DeFi, already provides a range of common financial vehicles and marketplaces that ensure that the individual is the sole custodian of their assets at all times.

This is DeFi, and it represents one of the most exciting developments currently at the forefront of fintech and crypto.

Some of the most promising and advanced protocols are:

So let’s explore that, learn about Decentralized Finance, and most importantly understand how we can take advantage of an opportunity that will define the coming years.

You get all of that today, and purchasing the class now guarantees you lifetime access. Every future update, addition, and trade secret will be yours with no up-sells or additional purchases.

I’m excited to bring you my very best content on what I feel is THE trend of the upcoming years. Join us today!

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Objective of the course

  • Educate on the fundamentals of:
    • Interest
    • Credit / Debt
    • Investing in Assets, securities, Crypto
  • Provide guidance on the tools available to:
    • Become your own bank
    • Accumulate and leverage your digital assets
    • Benefit from stability and interest rates / inflation
    • Diversify your risk
    • Earn passive income
    • Appropriate custody solutions

Course content, topics and flow

  1. Context of this course
    1. Why has money taken many forms (commodity money, medium of exchange, predictable and underlying usefulness, unit of account)
    2. What is debt and how does it flow through the economy
    3. Debt is a loan against your future self
    4. Cash in the bank is usually at or barely above inflation
    5. Access to affordable credit
    6. Leverage of assets
  2. Crypto backed credit systems
    1. MakerDao and CDPs
    2. Crypto backed Fiat Loans (NEXO, BlockFi, Celsius Network, EthLend)
  3. Benefiting from Stability
    1. Stablecoins
    2. Interest generation mechanisms (Compound, MKR DSR)
  4. Custody Solutions
    1. Software wallets – ABRA Wallet, Coinbase wallet, Electrum
    2. Hardware Wallets
    3. The exchange and private key problem
  5. Investment Opportunities
    1. Investing in cryptographic assets
      1. Currencies
      2. Platforms
      3. Staking and Masternodes
      4. Exchange tokens and dividends (Nash, BNB, fee generating tokens)
    2. Investing and creating Indexes (Set, Baskets, Diversification)
    3. Investing in fund managers (GVT, Iconomi)
    4. Asset backed tokens
      1. Gold backed (DigixDao)
      2. Security Tokens
      3. Real Estate Tokens

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