Fractal Energy MasterClass


This is Doc’s famous Fractal Energy Trading program, adapted specifically for the Crypto market. You can be registered and watching this material within minutes after your order!



This is Doc’s unique, proprietary charting analysis methodology that you’ve seen him use in any market. Learn how to read price charts and “look under the hood” of what is ACTUALLY happening to the price and trends, and not what some random study is saying. 

This is a 15 module class, delivered online with each module having a written PDF guide, an HD video in clear 60FPS, plus an online quiz to test your knowledge at each step of the way. Each video is delivered in HD through our online portal, expandable to full screen and/or mobile-ready.

Current OMNIA members have access to this material for the duration of their subscription. If you are new to ReadySetCrypto, please join us by registering with a valid email address so you can start in minutes!