Futures Trading MasterClass (Private Test)


This Masterclass contains: 

  • 10 + N modules of information on building a Crypto Futures trading business
  • Specific “N” modules on major futures vendors, like BitMEX, Digitex, PrimeXBT, TDAmeritrade, and new ones as they hit the market
  • Each module contains written eBook, descriptive HD video, and online quiz to test your understanding.
  • Learn how to trade Bull AND Bear markets!
  • Email access to instructor for your questions. 
  • No time limit on access! Start when you are ready. 



What You Will Learn

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  • Learn to make money by trading in Options with Technical Analysis
  • Learn the Basics of Options
  • Learn the Benefits of Trading Options
  • Understand the calculations for different Options Strategies
  • Understand and learn trade set up conditions for different options strategies
  • Understand and Learn to apply the Basic to Advanced Options Strategies
  • learn to create your own optimum Strategies according to risk profile
  • Learn how to make Options Spreads and know the Right time to execute them

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  • Duration fo Course (Total Hours of content)
  • Level of Expertise
  • Lifetime Access

Your Instructors

We have an obsessive team of researchers who read the markets every day. Doc is a 20+ year day-trader. Mav doesn’t sleep. Our Premium Newsletter subscribers receive the following five days per week.

Ready Set Crypto has a team of researchers that work daily to send you real-time updates in the market. They research topics and report their findings in the daily newsletter. Mav often reports on macro-trends in the cryptocurrency market and focuses on projects he feels are top-notch.

Doc, a 20+ years day-trader does a daily market analysis video. Instead of looking at the markets all day, watch Doc’s 10 minute daily videos to get a comprehensive summary of where the crypto markets are day-to-day.

Course Details

Tired of dealing with the Crypto Bear Market? Want to learn to fight back? There is a wave of new vendor offerings in the crypto space that will allow you to trade up OR down in whatever timeframe fits your lifestyle. These instruments are known as Futures Contracts and have been used by the professional trader for decades. Now they’re available to the crypto trader, and with every new offering the choice gets better and better. 

But don’t go it alone. Doc has been trading Futures Contracts in different markets for the past 15 years, and can help you avoid the landmines in any new trading space. Learn how to create a trading system from scratch and run it like a business. Better yet, this style of trading can be done during whatever time period fits your own schedule. 

This is a 10 +”N” module class, delivered online with each module having a written PDF guide, an HD video in clear 60FPS, plus an online quiz to test your knowledge at each step of the way. Each video is delivered in HD through our online portal, expandable to full screen and/or mobile-ready. The “N” represents the number of vendors that we’ll do individual modules on, and will include vendors like BitMEX, Digitex, TDAmeritrade, PrimeXBT, BexPlus, OKex, etc….plus any additional major offering coming down the road. 

Better yet, join our OMNIA service and get access to this class and many others for a low monthly fee!

Here’s what current attendees are saying: 

Particular modules for each trading platform. This is an elaborate class indeed! -TS 

If you are a current ReadySetCrypto OMNIA member, this class is included with your subscription! 

Who Is This Course For

  • Anyone who wants to learn Options Trading strategies from Beginners to Pro
  • Anyone who wants to learn Options Trading with Technical Analysis
  • Anyone wants to make Big Profits with Less Investments
  • Anyone who Know Options Trading already but want learn how to use the strategies in real life
  • Anyone who wants to learn make profit in uptrend, downtrend, sideways, or even in no movement situation
  • Anyone who wants to learn Options Trading strategies from Beginners to Pro
  • Anyone who wants to learn Options Trading with Technical Analysis
  • Anyone wants to make Big Profits with Less Investments
  • Anyone who Know Options Trading already but want learn how to use the strategies in real life
  • Anyone who wants to learn make profit in uptrend, downtrend, sideways, or even in no movement situation


Measured, informative and interesting. Looking forward to learning more and possibly getting more involved with these guys depending on how they develop their business model.

– John

Just wanted to tell you that the classification of coins you guys are doing (Platform, Dividend, Utility etc) is incredibly useful and I can not find it anywhere in the market.

– Tony

I have now subscribed and am already very impressed with the content and believe it will be of great value to me.

– Nick

I really value both of your perspectives and think you make an outstanding team.

What a cool thing you guys have going here, i just bought the premium membership the other day after following you guys for the last few months on youtube, i can already tell that it will be incredible as well!! Thanks for putting so much time and effort toward these teachings, so so helpful!

– Ian

I wanted to say thank you! What you guys are doing is exceptional! Keep it up. I have been a premium member now for just a few days.

– Greg

I just wanted to let you know that I’m really enjoying the daily content you are publishing on your daily market analysis reports. I really appreciate the fact that you included the percentages of your holdings on the different coin tiers yesterday. That helps me get an idea of how much risk should be associated to each coin grouping.

– Rafa

I’m very happy with your services, I been following your recommendations and I was able to get it into Walton around $23.00, thats already made a huge difference in my account.

– Ed

Thank you both! I feel so blessed that I have been watching your daily videos since I joined. Doc’s lesson on capitulation has saved me from making what could be grave mistakes. I was so eager to buy the dip but then I waited for the capitulation. Although I don’t know if it has played out in full yet, I have scaled down my bets into smaller size and added some small positions at really low prices. I also benefited a lot from the psychology part from Mav. Thanks so much and have a nice trip!

– JC

First of all thank you very much for the amazing contents you are giving us and all the detailed explanations and advises… they are incredibly useful and very helpful. Keep up the great work you are doing. One of the very few professional channels in this crazy crypto environment.

– Tony

I wish someone had educated me on bear markets as well as you did in your recent section. Your 7 points were welcome and timely.

– John

I have to say when you called that the market needed a capitulation when it was over $600 billion I just wrote that notion right off as impossible that it would happen. You’ve proven yourself to be a market expert and I very much trust your analysis from this moment on, teach me master! Thanks for all the great insight even if it’s what I’d rather not hear.

– Nick

Let me also start by saying that I am 100% impressed with the quality of your daily briefings and feel the value is tremendous. I really appreciate the work that you and Mav do. I look forward to your premium newsletter every time!

– Steve

You’re the man Doc. Emotions are useless here! In fact they’re worse, they are counter productive. I will see if I can spot the true bottom but then I have you guys to help! Thanks!

– PJ

And thanks for everything. I really appreciate the daily videos, and in the past weeks it’s been like Therapy, every evening, and I’ve found it all very reassuring. Also a great education about trading, reading charts, etc. Very grateful for your program and will be recommending it to others.

– John

The premium newsletter and advisory for Feb 26 were excellent! You both provided the kind of market insights and explanation of technical analysis/ investor profiling that every commited crypto investor is looking for, at least I am.
Didn’t want the opportunity to identify content I’m looking for and to say thanks/ good job.

– Chris