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Sign up for our Daily Premium Newsletter Report, sent to your inbox 5x/week! (M/T/W/R/Weekend)  Don’t spend $1000 – $3000/year for inferior information. Let us direct our twenty years of trading experience and the best research in the business into your inbox.



Each Premium Newsletter report contains: 

  • Summary of the day’s action in the CryptoCurrency markets…what happened and why are prices moving?
  • A detailed video outlining unique aspects of our approach, whether it’s a fundamental selection of a coin, a technical pattern for a quick trade setup, or industry news to highlight. You already know ReadySetCrypto for our videos!
  • Our current crypto holdings, cost basis, and stops.
  • Our desired crypto inventory moves/adds/changes
  • Analysis on certain upcoming coins – never read another white paper!
  • Technical Analysis on certain currencies – what is the herd behavior showing and what are the probabilities for movement?
  • Important partner links to get started fast.
  • Crypto FAQ videos to shortcut your learning.
  • A Member’s Home that contains all of your content and an archive of all Advisory reports.

Here’s what you get at no extra charge:

  1. Newsletter Service: 5 days a week.
  2. Unlimited Access To Masterclasses: We have courses on many topics from Technical Analysis, Security Tokens, Futures Trading (coming this week!), Trend Trading, etc. As long as you remain on the OMNIA service, you’ll have 24/7 access to all of our courses with no additional cost for new courses!
  3. Private Insider Group (Discord): Our OMNIA members love the access to our Private Insider Group. We have an incredible community of blockchain professionals and day traders. You should already have access to this group.
  4. Private Weekly Webinars: OMNIA members get Doc’s weekly Trade School, Mav’s Security Token webinars, and Ready Set Live with live Q&A for any questions you have.


The full list of Omnia service offering:

  • Daily Market Updates
  • Daily Market Trend Analysis
  • Access To Set Crypto Portfolio Fund
  • Ready Set Live Private Webinars (Every Week)
  • Private Insider Trading Group
  • 24/7 Access to Masterclasses
  • Deep Coin Analysis Reports
  • Weekly Interactive Trade School
  • Mav’s Private Webinars

This is a subscription item. You may cancel anytime using self-service, and you will retain access until the end of the billing period.

There is no minimum service term and the service is billed month-to-month. No prorated refunds for service cancelled prior to monthly anniversary.

Service may be cancelled through your own self-service Member’s Area portal.