Trading a Small Account


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In this class, you get:

– Direct access to the Small Account Discord Insider Group, which lets you discuss challenges and solutions with a like-minded group of small account traders, headed by Doc

– 2 Hours+ of video instructional content in ten modules, building a systematic approach for trading a small account.

– Lifetime access, meaning you will never be asked to pay more and will never have to pay a subscription fee

– Materials are updated as new techniques and methods are introduced to the crypto space!


Objectives of the Course:

 – Understanding how to create the trading mindset necessary to thrive with a small account.

– Understanding how to narrow your focus to create a specialty and demonstrate mastery

– How to create an overall business and trading plan to stay on track

– How to create asymmetric edge in your setups

– Sample trading strategies for entering positions

– Necessary tools of the trade

– Fixed Ratio Money Management for exponential growth opportunities

– Understanding opportunities to use leverage

– How to develop persistence to see your goals through

If you are a current ReadySetCrypto OMNIA member, this class is included with your subscription!