The Trader’s Secret: How To Gain Edge Like a Professional


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What You Will Learn:

 – Understand why Retail Traders lose money in the first place!

– Learn to stack the probability odds in your favor before entering a trade.

– Understand the progression of development that traders need to move through.

– Understand how to adopt the “Success Mindset” so critical to profitable trading.

– How to create a plan and run your trading like a business. 

– How to create edge in a trade to increase your probability of success.

– Understand how to create positive results by adopting habit change. 

– Learn all of the ways that professionals take advantage of new Retail traders.

-How to set up trade tracking quickly identify strengths and liabilities in your execution.

What Does the Course Include?

– Ten modules of information on trading techniques that give you the Professional’s edge.

– 3 Hours+ of video showing a systematic approach for creating profitable trading systems 

– Each module includes an eBook and a video.

– Course purchase includes one group coaching webinar with Doc Severson

.- Lifetime access, meaning you will never be asked to pay more and will never have to pay a subscription fee

– Materials are updated as new techniques and methods are introduced to the crypto space!

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