Podcast Episode Seven

Didn't get off to a good start with your Crypto investments? Join the club! In this episode Doc talks about how you can "reboot" your Crypto trading venture and get started again the right way. .

Podcast Episode Six

Everyone wants to know WHAT to buy; that alone is a challenging problem. But the second part of that challenge is that once you do figure out what you want to add to your portfolio, you need to determine WHEN to buy it and that decision can make or break...

Podcast Episode Five

Doc Severson reveals the five steps that you need to take before you can make consistent profits in financial markets

Podcast Episode Four

A new free tool available for anyone using Binance and Bittrex is Shrimpy, an automated portfolio rebalancing tool that claims to improve returns vs. HODL. For more information on Shrimpy, see shrimpy.io or their active Telegram group at...

Podcast Episode Three

Bear Markets always leave the same tracks wherever they're seen. And the current Bear Market in cryptocurrency that we're currently experiencing is showing the same signs and milestones as every other Bear Market that we've seen over the past twenty years....

Podcast Episode Two

In this episode Doc covers the ten stages of development that every investor must pass through, almost like a rite of passage, as they transition from a typical Retail trader that contributes money to others' accounts....to one that is able to consistently...

Podcast Episode One

In this episode, we talk to Patrick Camuso of CamusoCPA.com about crypto and taxes!