Crypto Trend Trading

Module One

What Is Trend Trading?

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Module Two

What are the challenges to Trend Trading? Why doesn’t everyone use Trend Trading?

Module Three

What are the elements that we’ll use to define a Trend Trading Strategy?

Module Four

Trend Trading Entries

Module Five

Trend Trading Stops

Module Six

Trend Trading Exits

Module Seven

Position Sizing and Scaling

Module Eight


Module Nine

Strategy Ownership

Module Ten

Summary & Performance Improvement Framework

Addendum One

Potential solution to the Module Four Alert Issue. The latest study available on the Public Library of TradingView is “RSC TrendTrading Indicator V4.0

Module Ten – Tracking Spreadsheet

This is an excel spreadsheet. Please do not use this “as is” but rather create your strategy from the elements discussed in this class, and then adapt it to meet your needs for journaling and tracking. Please click on the image to download to your workstation.