Futures Trading Masterclass

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Module 1 – What Are Futures? Why Should You Trade Them?

Please ensure that you open the module video in full-screen mode by clicking on the “square” and then select HD resolution.

Module 2 – How Do You Trade Futures for a Profit?

Module 3 – Building a Futures Trading Business Framework

Here is the link to the tracking spreadsheet shown in the video.

Module 4 – Defining Your Trading Niche


Module 5 – A Fractal Trading System for Futures

Please refer to the “Addendum” module below for further information on the access and use of the RSI Laguerre Indicator. 

Module 6 – Risk Management for Futures

Module 7 – Adapting to Changes in Volatility

Module 8a – TDAmeritrade and CBOE Futures

Please note that the CBOE has discontinued their Bitcoin futures contract. This module is still relevant as the CME Bitcoin contract is delivered to US brokers like TDAmeritrade in the same manner, though a ladder interface, even though the contract spec is 5x larger.

Module 8b – PrimeXBT Futures


Module 8c  – BitMEX Futures

Here is the link to the spreadsheet in the module video. 

Module 8d  – Deribit Futures

Please note that there is no PDF for this module


Module 8e  – Digitex Futures

This module has two videos: 1) Interface Overview, and 2) Trading Strategies for DFE

Module 9 – Futures Trading Mindset

Module 10 – Program Summary

Addendum 1 – The RSI Laguerre TradingView Indicator