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I have included as many vendors as possible at the time of publication, within my ability to establish a trading account within “nation of origin” and KYC rules. If there is a vendor that is not covered in this program that you would like to see covered, please contact me at support@readysetcrypto.com.


Module Description

Written Material

Module Video

Module Quiz

Module 1 – What Are Futures? Why Should You Trade Them?

Please ensure that you open the module video in full-screen mode by clicking on the “square” and then select HD resolution. 

Module 2 – How Do You Trade Futures for a Profit?

Module 3 – Building a Futures Trading Business Framework


Module 4 – Defining Your Trading Niche



Module 5 – The Fractal RSI Laguerre Trading System


Module 6 – Managing Risk While Trading Futures


Module 7 – Adjusting to Volatility Changes


Module 8 – Market Energy & Trends

Please use this chart as a reference for the quiz

Module 9 – Fractal Energy Trading


Module 10 – Fractal Energy Trading Examples

Please use this chart as a reference for the quiz

Module 11 – Risk Management


Module 12 – Directional Trading


Module 13 – Market States


Module 14 – Scanning for Opportunity


Module 15 – Strategy Evaluation & Program Summary



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