I want to look at private trust management markets.


Specifically, Genesis Vision, traded as the token GVT. 


Now, right off the bat I have to admit that this is one I can only dream of trading because US citizens are locked out of the platform. 


But, nonetheless, I can appreciate what is happening there right now for those readers who are able to join it. 


First, the impetus. 


Blockchain is about cutting out the middleman. It’s the quasi-rallying cry. As we discussed yesterday regarding banks being disrupted and retail banking being replacing by a series of internet protocols, traditional finance has a lot of disruption potential. Perhaps the most regarding blockchain. 


Bankers are the definition of middlemen, and time and time again I see them try to actively manage people’s retirement accounts only to be beat by funds like indexes. Not to mention, they do the best they can to hide and obfuscate the details as much as possible, giving statistics instead of trades. 


So, GVT sees this as an opportunity to let fund managers get into blockchain and embrace transparency. 


Without going into all the merits behind this and the minutiae, the basic takeaway is this: if you’re getting smoked by this market, considering having a professional manage your funds. 


While the market was essentially sideways in December, the top 10 performers on the GVT platform all made double digit returns. Currently the top performer is as 44%. 


If you’re not getting returns in this bear market, I think that’s a proposition worth considering. 


The process is simple. You must utilize the GVT token to invest on the GVT platform. GVT is currently valued at $4 and quite obviously the more people that are attracted to the platform, the higher the price of the token by supply and demand. 


GVT is asset backed in the sense that the GVT is used to invest in assets (cyclical I know). 


There is a minimal management fee, which is a welcome reprieve from the traditional asset managers who literally take percentages of people’s retirement accounts and then proceed to mismanage them. 

So, if you have further questions about GVT, I’d suggest reading their FAQ: https://genesis.vision/faq.html