Income Through Options Masterclass

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Module 1 – What Are Options and Why Trade Them?

Please ensure that you open the module video in full-screen mode by clicking on the “square” and then select HD resolution.

Module 2 – How Options Pricing Changes With Price, Time, and Volatility

Please download the Options Pricing Cheat Sheet.

Module 3 – Trading Call Options


Module 4 – Trading Put Options


Module 5 – Selling Cash-Secured Put Options

Module 6 – Selling Covered Call Options

Here is the link to the Deribit Position Builder google sheet tool featured in the module video.

Module 7a – The Deribit Exchange

Module 7b – The LedgerX Exchange

Module 8 – Using Fractal Energy Trading With Options

Module 9 – Options Risk Management

Module 10  – Program Summary

Here is a link to the tracking spreadsheet shown in the video.

Bonus Module One  – Complex Options Strategies

Trading beyond simple puts and calls; when and how to use Straddles and Vertical Debit/Credit Spreads.

Bonus Module TwoA  – Time Spreads Part I

Introduction to Options Time Spreads, another income-producing trade.