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? RSC Trend Trading Indicator ?

This RSC Trend Trading Indicator provides Buy and Sell signals using Donchian channels and simple moving averages.

Buy Signal:

? Price hits upper Donchian channel (period 20)

? Closing price is above 50 SMA

? Closing price is above 200 SMA

Sell Signal:

? Price hits lower Donchian channel (period 10)


? BTC Onchain Indicator ?

This BTC Onchain Indicator uses onchain data to provide different Pricing Models for trend determination.


? Linear Regression of Difficulty

? Stock to Flow Price

? Average and Top Price

? 128 and 200 DMA

✖️ BTC Multiples Indicator ✖️

This BTC Indicator provides several multiples for top and bottom detection.


? Mayer Multiple

? Stock to Flow Multiple

? Linear Regression of Difficulty Multiple

? Puell Multiple

✖️ Click Here To Access Indicator Code ✖️



How To Add Scripts To Tradingview Chart


1. Go into Pine Editor and click New

2. Paste code into editor area

3. Click Untitled Script and enter name

4. Click Save

5. Click Add to Chart