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The following are unsolicited testimonials from our current Premium Daily Newsletter subscribers:

thanks again for the service…you just got added to my morning routine. …..i have signed up for everything in the last few months…nothing comes close to what you guys are up to…jay

You’re the man Doc. Emotions are useless here! In fact they’re worse, they are counter productive. I will see if I can spot the true bottom but then I have you guys to help! Thanks! PJ

Let me also start by saying that I am 100% impressed with the quality of your daily briefings and feel the value is tremendous. I really appreciate the work that you and Mav do. I look forward to your premium newsletter every time! Steve

Btw Doc just a fantastic video late last week going through and Bollinger Bands etc. For a noob like me I soaked it up. Thanks and well done. Jim

Your calm, “no hype” video’s are awesome to watch and extremely informative – I can only imagine the amount of work you put in to them and once again am very grateful for them.

Love your work! Sharon

I have to say when you called that the market needed a capitulation when it was over $600 billion I just wrote that notion right off as impossible that it would happen.  You’ve proven yourself to be a market expert and I very much trust your analysis from this moment on, teach me master! Thanks for all the great insight even if it’s what I’d rather not hear…haha  Nick

Honestly, I love the structure of your website and the information you provides us. Great work and I am glad of my purchase. Xia

I’ve been watching your videos for awhile on YouTube and I really like the content, presentation and overall professionalism. I just wanted to let you guys know that I believe you’re doing a great job, offering sound advice and look forward to using RSCrypto as my go-to source. Keep up the great work Greg

Great job so far! I am really liking the format of the daily advisories. They’re helping to keep a nice objective view of the markets. Sean

I just became a subscriber of you guys and I must say I`m really enjoying your crypto research and I don`t have the knowledge or time to do all this research myself so you guys are a blessing for someone like me pressed for time. June

I’m going through a few of the stuff you have there… All my compliments for a really amazing work! Incredibly useful contents and very well explained. Also the explanatory video about how to use the page is essential. Bill

Very pleased with the content you have been providing! – Chip

Just wanted to tell you that the classification of coins you guys are doing (Platform, Dividend, Utility etc) is incredibly useful and I can not find it anywhere in the market.- Tony

I have now subscribed and am already very impressed with the content and believe it will be of great value to me. Nick

What a cool thing you guys have going here, i just bought the premium membership the other day after following you guys for the last few months on youtube, i can already tell that it will be incredible as well!!  Thanks for putting so much time and effort toward these teachings, so so helpful! Ian

I wanted to say thank you! What you guys are doing is exceptional! Keep it up. I have been a premium member now for just a few days. Greg

I’ve been watching your videos for awhile on YouTube and I really like the content, presentation and overall professionalism. I just wanted to let you guys know that I believe you’re doing a great job, offering sound advice and look forward to using RSCrypto as my go-to source. Keep up the great work Greg

Hi Mac & Doc! I want to express my appreciation for gift you have given to the Crypto community with the wealth of information you have provided here and continue to provide. It’s so obviouse you put a lot of hours into everything you put out. You really do your homework and it shows. Summer

I am in your premium membership, and I must say, that you are doing a great and quality researches, and your videos are great Primoz

Just wanted to drop quick feedback after signing up: I am in awe of the quality of your work, the diligence you put into it which puts to shame the vast majority of market analyst in traditional financial markets.You also made me laugh a lot with your comments on the Tulip-Crypto analogy in your “WHY BITCOIN HAS VALUE” public YouTube video, you are right sizing many myths and unfair comparison with clarity and wit.Also kudos to you for sharing your portfolios[ I invested in Walton and other coins which I believe will do great thanks to you (I don’t use Binance otherwise I would have used your Ref link.) even it if serves your interest to have fresh cash flowing into assets you are already invested in I understand that these are great asset to hold which is why you own them in the first place.The one thing I would ask you to change if I could is one of the hardest thing to do: nothing. Meaning that if you can maintain that level of insight you guys are one hell of a unicorn and give me faith in this volatile and let’s face it -very immature and often infantile- market. A happy subscriber. Axel

I just wanted to let you know that I’m really enjoying the daily content you are publishing on your daily market analysis reports. I really appreciate the fact that you included the percentages of your holdings on the different coin tiers yesterday. That helps me get an idea of how much risk should be associated to each coin grouping. Rafa

I absolutely LOVE the segment that explains charting. I actually LOVE all of it but the charting is something I never understood. I feel like I am learning SO MUCH! Thank you both 🙂 -g

I’m very happy with your services, I been following your recommendations and I was able to get it into Walton around $23.00, thats already made a huge difference in my account. Ed

Thank you both! I feel so blessed that I have been watching your daily videos since I joined. Doc’s lesson on capitulation has saved me from making what could be grave mistakes. I was so eager to buy the dip but then I waited for the capitulation. Although I don’t know if it has played out in full yet, I have scaled down my bets into smaller size and added some small positions at really low prices. I also benefited a lot from the psychology part from Mav. Thanks so much and have a nice trip! JC

first of all thank you very much for the amazing contents you are giving us and all the detailed explanations and advises… they are incredibly useful and very helpful. Keep up the great work you are doing. One of the very few professional channels in this crazy crypto environment. Tony

Doc  –  I wish someone had educated me on bear markets as well as you did in your recent section. Your 7 points were                 welcome and timely. John


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