Elliot Wave Trading: How To Predict The Market & Trade Like A Pro


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The Elliott Wave Principle has been used by major Institutional Traders from Paul Tudor Jones, who predicted the 1987 Stock Market crash, to George Soros, to Marty Schwartz and more recently Ramki a former analyst with Chase Manhattan now JPM. 

Elliott Wave was developed by Ralph Nelson Elliott who catalogued 75 years of stock market behaviour. This form of analysis plays a major role in behavioural finance today and most professional traders are required to have some knowledge on this subject. Not only will it save you a lot of losses but you will become aware when to stay out of the market and when to get in. In other words you graduate from a pig into a sheep dog, keeping the herd in line. 

You will become efficient at determining and trading macro and micro market trends, managing your portfolio from Stocks, Commodities to Cryptocurrencies.

The course has been designed to be simple intuitive and easy for everyone to grasp. There are real practical working methods which also show you how you can position in relation to managing risk. If there is any other content you would like us to include, I am happy to keep updating lectures. I expect on completion you will be a very capable multi-asset trader with good risk and application concepts when trading Elliott Wave in global markets. 

Who this course is for:
    • Anyone who is looking to become a professional Trader or Market Analyst
    • Anyone who simply wants to manage a private portfolio or fund

What You Will Learn:

? You will be able to quickly recognize major patterns in the stock charts that get replayed in either a trending or sideways markets. And the full analysis of a chart will take you just 2 – 5 minutes

⚖️ You will know how to distinguish trending market making new highs or lows from sideways or corrective market moving in countertrend direction

? You will be armed with clear rules that work on any timeframe, from 1 minute to monthly and for any instrument including stocks, futures, commodities like gold and crude oil, currencies and crypto currencies

? You will be able to identify critical support levels in a bull market and resistance levels in bear markets that should become your hard stops

⚡ You will be able to recognize topping and bottoming patterns and learn what is the most dangerous time to pick tops and bottoms and when it becomes a valid and reasonable trading strategy

? You will know at what stages of a rally to buy breakouts is a good idea and when it is too risky

? You will understand how to find ideal entry points and how to set realistic price targets

? You’ll be able to squeeze the most out of the trend and be able to identify turning points

? You’ll Identify trend direction with amazing accuracy, and learn to trade even in the worst conditions (or corrections) instead of conditions.

⛵ You’ll be able to “project price in uncharted territory” find new highs, and new lows — you’ll finally make sense of the market structure!

? You’ll be able to pair Elliott Wave with any trading strategy to enhance its accuracy, and you willl be able to use Elliott Wave on ANY TIME FRAME!

? You’ll be able to recognize when to exit positions prior to your stop loss being triggered, and you’lll better understand where the market is heading

⏪ You’ll be better prepared for potential reversals in advance so you can react quickly to capitalize on the opportunities.


What Does The Course Include?

✳️ Eight seperate modules:

1: RSI

2: Fibonacci 

3: Impulse and Motive Waves

4: ABC – Zig Zag and Flats

5: Triangles

6: Complex Corrections

7: Overlaying Corrections

8: Application

? 4 Hours+ of video showing a systematic approach for creating profitable trading systems 

? Each module includes an eBook, a video, and an online quiz to test your progression.

?‍? Course purchase includes one group coaching webinar with course instructor Schyler Edwards.

⏳ Lifetime access, meaning you will never be asked to pay more and will never have to pay a subscription fee

? Materials are updated as new techniques and methods are introduced to the crypto space!

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