Hey folks, I’m giving a presentation this Saturday, November 7th at 11am ET on the “Wall Street Influencers” webinar. Here is a link to get you signed up to attend for free. 

My presentation will be about the “Four Major Rules” that govern how all price charts move, and allows me to look at any chart and at any timeframe and understand what the chart’s likely to do from there. You’ll also receive the replay recording if you can’t (or WON’T!) attend this Saturday, but you have to register first. 

Thanks, and I’ll see you there! 

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Tokenized Stocks May Be The Key To Crypto’s Adoption Part 2

Yesterday we covered the massively important and exciting developments happening in the crypto space right now: the ability to tokenize stocks.

We have the technology available to make stocks globally tradable on a 24/7/365 basis. We have the technology to ensure that people don’t need to have a US bank or brokerage account. The decentralized digital world is going to disrupt the legacy market in ways that the incumbents can’t even imagine right now. What happens when they realize that the young investors aren’t going to trade on the New York Stock Exchange or the NASDAQ? There is literally nothing they can do about this.

The structure of the asset is done in a way that can’t be stopped by the incumbents, while still giving the trading community the exposure to price and volatility that they are seeking. Welcome to the future. Now, to be clear, this product is not available in the United States at the moment, but that is going to simply push people to move to other jurisdictions. We are arriving at a crossroads — either the US regulatory environment drastically improves and begins to embrace innovation, or we are going to see an incredible brain drain that will leave our country regretting the incorrect decision.

Every asset will be digitized. You won’t have a checking account, a savings account, and a brokerage account. You’ll have one account where every asset (stocks, bonds, currencies, and commodities) all live. You can invest, save, or conduct payments from the same location. The race is on to see which technology companies will best capture this opportunity. Will be fun to watch

The ReadySetCrypto "Three Token Pillars" Community Portfolio (V3)

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What is the goal of this portfolio?

The “Three Token Pillars” portfolio is democratically proportioned between the Three Pillars of the Token Economy & Interchain:

CryptoCurreny – Security Tokens (STO) – Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

With this portfolio, we will identify and take advantage of the opportunities within the Three
Pillars of ReadySetCrypto. We aim to Capitalise on the collective knowledge and experience of the RSC
community & build model portfolios containing the premier companies and projects
in the industry and manage risk allocation suitable for as many people as

The Second Phase of the RSC Community Portfolio V3 was to give us a general idea of the weightings people desire in each of the three pillars and also member’s risk tolerance. The Third Phase of the RSC Community Portfolio V3 has us closing in on a finalized portfolio allocation before we consolidated onto the highest quality projects.

Our Current Allocation As Of Phase Three:

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The ReadySetCrypto "Top Ten Crypto" Community Portfolio (V4)

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What is the goal of this portfolio? 

The “Top Ten Crypto” portfolio is a democratically proportioned portfolio balanced based on votes from members of the RSC community as to what they believe are the top 10 projects by potential.
This portfolio should be much more useful given the ever-changing market dynamics. In short, you rank the projects you believe deserve a spot in the top 10. It should represent a portfolio and rank that you believe will stand the test of time. Once we have a good cross-section, we can study and make an assessment as to where we see value and perhaps where some diamonds in the rough opportunities exist. In a perfect world, we will end up with a Pareto-style distribution that describes the largest value capture in the market.
To give an update on the position, each one listed in low to high relative risk:
SoV/money == BTC, DCR
Platforms == ETH, XTZ
Private Money == XMR / ZEC / ZEN
DeFi == MKR / SNX and stablecoins
It is the most realistic way for us to distill the entirety of what we have learned (and that includes the RSC community opinion). We have an array of articles that have gradually picked off one by one different projects, some of which end up being many thousands of words to come to this conclusion. It is not capitulation because we all remain in the market. It is simply a consolidation of quality. We seek the cream of the crop as the milk turns sour on aggregate.

Current Top 10 Rankings:



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