Crypto Market Commentary 

24 December 2019

Doc's Daily Commentary


The 12/11 ReadySetLive session with Doc is listed below.

Mind Of Mav

Happy Holidays From RSC

Happy Holidays from the Ready Set Crypto team!

Thank you for making our community great and one of the most impartial in the space. It’s been a rollercoaster of a year and we expect 2020 will be one of the most exciting yet.

We’ll keep the newsletter light today to let you have more time with your family and friends.

See you tomorrow to wrap up the year and what to look forward to next year.

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An Update Regarding Our Portfolio

RSC Subscribers,

We are pleased to share with you our Community Portfolio V3!

Add your own voice to our portfolio by clicking here.

We intend on this portfolio being balanced between the Three Pillars of the Token Economy & Interchain:

Crypto, STOs, and DeFi projects

We will also make a concerted effort to draw from community involvement and make this portfolio community driven.


Here’s our past portfolios for reference: 



RSC Managed Portfolio (V2)


 [visualizer id=”84848″] 


RSC Unmanaged Altcoin Portfolio (V2)


 [visualizer id=”78512″] 


RSC Managed Portfolio (V1)