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Big News Today: Crypto Is Coming To Wall Street


Some of the BIGGEST NEWS that has come out about cryptocurrency this year just dropped: The S&P just announced that there’ll be launching cryptocurrency indexes in 2021. All of this is extremely promising and exciting, but I’m also seeing a lot of confusion and misunderstanding. In this newsletter, we’ll break down what this news means, what the actual benefit is, and how the smart money should be playing this.

So, cryptocurrency indexes are coming to the Stock Market, and to understand what that really means, let’s first ask a couple of questions:

What is an Index? What has been holding Bitcoin back? Does this new help that? Does this news open the door for a Bitcoin or cryptocurrency ETF? Does this pave the way for adoption?

Starting from the top, what is an Index?

Is this something you’ll be able to invest in? Well, the first thing to know is that you can’t invest directly in an index. Rather, someone needs to create a fund to track the index. So far, the SEC has declined to approve any crypto funds . . . the Bitcoin ETF is a great example of this.

The ONE thing you need to know (hopefully if nothing else the one thing you take away from this newsletter) is that the S&P creating a cryptocurrency index is BIG news because it gets us closer to the SEC approving cryptocurrency ETFs down the road.

Previous attempts to launch an ETF or buy no-name companies with proprietary data. The SEC wasn’t a fan of this idea, but with a big name, like the S&P, behind the data, well, if a company wanted to create an ETF using that index and data, that would be far more likely to see SEC approval. Then, once we see cryptocurrency ETFs created and approved, well, many more people will easily access them for investment purposes in retirement accounts and other brokerage accounts.

That’s something we should absolutely want more cryptocurrency investment vehicles: giving MORE access to MORE people in a MORE efficient way.

One caveat to cover: what about the Greyscale indexes and GBTC?

Well, that isn’t 40 act fund, which is under the securities laws that govern any public investment vehicle.

So, literally any ETF, mutual fund, index fund, whatever is governed by the SEC under the 40 act. Those grayscale tickers you’re familiar with to are private trusts. You aren’t buying a regulated vehicle — you’re effectively just buying a trust that promises it owns a product. There’s no pricing mechanism or direct underlying ownership mechanism there.

That helps us segue into the second question about what holds Bitcoin back.

Now, as it relates to the news today, there has been this longstanding mischaracterization of Bitcoin . . . that it is volatile . . . that it is risky . . . that is something you should fear . . . but the truth is that, actually over time, Bitcoin’s volatility has been going DOWN, and its acceptance has become more mainstream in a world of runaway inflated via currencies and central bank policies pushing us closer and closer to “Hunger Games” economics.

This year, Bitcoin’s core aspects have been extremely desirable, and its principles have been extremely liberating.

What today’s news helps us do is, just how Square and PayPal have opened the door to institutional on-ramps (getting more people to utilize and transact and accept cryptocurrency), in the same regard, institutional access to investment vehicles helps open the door to institutional acceptance on that end as well.

Frankly, that’s how the smart money is going to be playing this. T

he smart money sees the tides of change coming. The acceptance of cryptocurrencies increasing the need for it is definitely increasing as well, because as the world becomes more digitized and open to decentralization, this couldn’t come at a better time.

But, I think, what’s going to be the lasting impression from today’s news is that investors are going to become more and more comfortable with the instrument . . . I think it’s a great way to start looking forward to 2021.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have never been more relevant or needed than in this moment RIGHT NOW.

This might just be the catalyst that will push Bitcoin above $20,000 and beyond.





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