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Russia’s War Gambit: What’s Next For The Global Economy

There’s fighting in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

No one knows how much of Ukraine Russia now controls

Massive explosions and fighting are being reported, including in Kyiv, Mariupol, Odesa, Kharkiv, and too many to list right now

Why Would Putin Tank the Russian Economy?

Strategic prowess aside, it’s undeniable that Ukraine invasion or not, the Russian economy is crumbling. People should be asking: if he was so great, why is Russia’s GDP almost the same size as Spain’s?

Here’s the core issue: Russia is a decaying power, and that’s why they are attacking. They are pushing the few advantages they still have left: The military and nukes.

Putin is Holding the World Hostage

Generally geopolitical activities see a swift reaction due to mass panic and often doesn’t last long before we see more green days. But likely with further issues the market will continue to bounce with volition. The key isn’t looking at what the market does today, but what the assets you own will be like the day you sell them and the future world conditions that would support you selling for more than you bought them for. My go-to example is Bitcoin’s push towards that lofty goal of $100k. After getting 2/3rds of the way there, it seems like it’s a inevitability that one day we’ll see 1 BTC = $100,000, but, importantly, Bitcoin doesn’t appreciate value in a vacuum. It needs a macro environment that can support 1 Bitcoin being $100k, either from a peace & prosperity perspective, or from a clear hedging against the broken centralized systems that are hyperinflating their fiat currencies ad infinitum. More than likely, it will end up being a little bit of column A and a little bit of column B that pushes Bitcoin to those heights and ever higher. 

Overall within a year the market tends to bounce back (not assuming other crappy stuff happening later into the year). This is in part why smart investors do really well in times of market turmoil and it has nothing to do with greed ironically. Instead it’s about making smart investment choices pre-during-post incidences

As for how this will affect global markets, technically war itself has very little market impact on the actual market itself. The sanctions were seeing now are all targeted sanctions and unless you own one of those sanctioned companies the sanctions themselves don’t do a whole lot to affect the market. Unfortunately the mass panic day traders and retail investors are the biggest reason we see the market jump the way it has

How I’m Playing This as an Investor

Today’s not a good day to buy nor is it worth the time to sell. If anything this is a great time to hang on the sidelines watching the red numbers drop before going in and picking up the lower hanging fruits (not to be confused with the actual low hanging fruits which would likely be rotten picks).

Time in the market over timing it. Instead of thinking you know what’s gonna happen. Just buy some here and there. And in 2025 maybe we we all be better off for it.

The time is bad and things will go bad. Don’t sell your houses and buy crypto now. This is not the time to take such risks.

Selling at a loss historically makes no sense. Overtime, large cap crypto, the overall stock market, and real estate all reliably bounce back. To suggest otherwise is simply ignoring years of precedent. 

We do live in unprecedented times, though.

Final Thoughts


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