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What Do We Need For Bitcoin To Go To $100,000?

It’s no fun clicking on a “Bitcoin is dead” article anymore.

Tulipmania! Ponzi Scheme!! A bubble 20x the size of the dot-com!!!

It’s trite.

You know something — when that internet bubble popped it definitely showed how worthless the internet really was.

Let’s straighten out a few facts about Bitcoin: It’s an escape out of a corrupt monetary system led by the Federal Reserve, it’s a ticket to financial literacy and it’s our best hope to fix wealth inequality.

Hyperinflation is already here, you just haven’t realized it yet.

Instead of losing the country, the Fed will make the switch to a new financial system mid-flight — most likely to a centralized digital currency — causing the wealth disparity to widen to record-highs. Blade Runner and The Huner Games will look silly in comparison.

Escaping this system through Bitcoin and Ethereum therefore will afford us opportunities of unparalleled gravitas. Fundamentals don’t change during market volatility.

The crypto winter isn’t here, and this is why Bitcoin is still going to $100,000 in 2021.

1. Something More Valuable Than Money

Learning about Bitcoin over the last two years has taught me more about economics, cryptography, financial systems, and politics more than I’ve learned in my entire life, let alone four years of university.

Financial literacy is more valuable than any tangible capital gains you’ll make from cryptocurrency or stocks.

Sure you could educate yourself from a dusty old textbook rife with convoluted financial jargon. Or you could just learn what Bitcoin is…

Bitcoin, at its most basic concept, is an internet currency that is fully transparent, with no banks in the middle to create trust and is secured by cryptography.

The wealthiest 1% don’t want to keep you poor. They want to keep you stupid. The more you’re forced to blindly trust institutions the more power they have over you.

Yes, there’s still a hierarchical structure to Bitcoin (i.e. Whales or Bitcoin Billionaires). However, there’s a hierarchical structure in every system! Bitcoin is the fairest because anyone can access it and its laws are immutable.

Think of Bitcoin as a universal checking account that protects your purchasing power from bad monetary policy, power-hungry elites, and perhaps worst of all, inflation (which is getting worse by the day).

2. Bitcoin Isn’t Your Savior, But it Does This Instead

Nobody owes you a living.

But they do, however, owe you opportunities to make one.

It may sound harsh, but even Dostoyevsky concluded that if we had a utopia the first thing we’d do is smash it to pieces just to see something interesting happen.

Man needs struggle. We need challenges to find meaning. ‘Utopia’ in Greek means nowhere; it’s the same place those characters in Wall-E or Brave New World end up in.

Bitcoin is the first financial system that levels the playing field. Decentralized finance enables anyone, regardless of race, credit score, or wealth to enter the best financial system humans ever created.

And what’s the alternative, anyway?

– Invest in gold: Which is much more complicated to buy physically than Bitcoin. And good luck trying to convince a friend to store that in their house or apartment.

– Bring back the gold standard: Virtually impossible due to the amount of money printing by Western governments.

– Invest in land/real estate: Also incredibly difficult to do.

– Invest in Treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS): A type of bond invented to protect investors from inflation. The average yield is less than 1%…

Or you could just invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

It takes five minutes. And once middle-class Americans realize how easy it is to invest in bulletproof inflation hedges like Bitcoin, adoption will skyrocket.

3. Bitcoin Solves Malcolm X’s Dream

“I told America’s Black community to load up on Bitcoin in 2011. If they had, they’d be able to buy the white community by now.” — Max Keiser, host of the Keiser Report

*Careful, this next point talks about race, but it isn’t about race.

Malcolm X and Martin Luther King’s shared a dream of developing a self-sustaining Black community.

That dream is dead.

Welfare and affirmative action killed it, ironically. Absolute dependency on any institution isn’t a ticket to independence, it’s modern slavery.

Obama, Trump, Joe . . . all come and go. They aren’t going to solve your problems. The government will fail you no matter how many times we ‘drain the swamp’ or believe in ‘change’.

Self-reliance is the only true form of independence.

The Jewish and Asian communities realized Malcolm X’s dream. They’re self-sustaining. The Asian dollar is estimated to circulate 120 times more than the Black dollar which circulates an average of 6 hours.

You don’t solve your problems by relying on someone else. You are the one who must solve them!

Bitcoin affords you this freedom; moreover, this power to take your financial burdens into your own hands and out of the governments’.

Bitcoin’s biggest benefit is the removal from a system that is beyond repair.

4. Bitcoin Eliminates the Hidden Tax Killing the Middle-Class

No American is safe from inflation. Inflation occurs when the government prints more money and creates less stuff. It affects middle-class communities the most.

Here’s the rub: Inflation is a hidden tax on your hard-earned dollars.

You may have more dollars on hand, but there’s less stuff, meaning higher prices. If the inflation rate is 10% then you’re losing 10% of your purchasing power each year. Do you smell that? It’s your money burning.

This is why savings accounts are pretty much a scam. They pay you 0.5% interest which is basically a slap in the face. Do the math. 9.5% of your purchasing power is evaporating before your eyes.

Bitcoin’s inflation rate is set in stone by code. Only 21 million Bitcoins will ever be produced with the last coin being mined in 2140.

This is why some call it Gold 2.0.

No matter how hard you dig for this digital gold, at a certain point you won’t be able to get more Bitcoin out of it. Despite its recent volatility, Bitcoin will become the strongest hedge against inflation the world has ever known.

5. America‘s Bailout

America doesn’t need a bailout from the government, nor through stimulus checks or welfare. Bitcoin is our bailout and everyone’s welcomed to join the ride.

Minorities, poor whites, ex-prisoners, people with a sub 600 credit score — Bitcoin doesn’t judge. Bitcoin is a fundamental philosophical change to money.

100x PRICE PREDICTIONS aside, Bitcoin gives power back to people. It’s financial freedom plain and simple.

Learning and investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum will enable you to live a financially comfortable life. I truly do believe that.

What to Do Next

Before you even make an investment, please consider educating yourself more about Bitcoin.

Afterward, consider telling people that you accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. They can send it to your public address.

Maybe by accepting it as payment you might inspire them to tell their families, and those families tell their friends, and their friends tell the world.

The fascination for Bitcoin hits hard. It happened to me. It’ll happen to you. There are many more people like us out there who need this ticket out of poverty.

Meanwhile, less than 2% of the world owns Bitcoin. Don’t let the privilege of understanding it go to waste. Spread the word.

Financial freedom is measured in binary code, and its name is Bitcoin.


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