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7 Ways Rapidly Rising Inflation Affects You

What Exactly Is Inflation?

Inflation, as defined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), is “the overall general upward rise in the prices of goods and services in an economy.” Inflation, on the other hand, is the general fall in the value of money, since the more prices increase, the less each dollar is worth. In 1988, a dollar bought four postal stamps; now, it only buys around two.

Inflation’s Effects and How to Protect Yourself

At first appearance, inflation seems to be nothing more than a swindle — robbing you of the value of your dollars while providing you with nothing in return. However, economists see moderate inflation — say, 1% to 3% per year — as a sign of a strong economy.

Here are 7 ways inflation affects you and the people around you in ways you might not have noticed before:

1. Living Expenses

Inflation’s most evident consequence is that it increases the expense of living. The more products and services become more expensive, the more you spend each year on your total costs — housing, food, gasoline, and health care, for example.

2. Compensation

One positive consequence of inflation on employees is that it tends to raise wages. This occurs because prices are more likely to rise in response to increased consumer spending. This growing demand encourages businesses to expand production, which necessitates the hiring of more people.

3. Workplace conditions

The primary reason inflation tends to increase salaries is because it reduces unemployment. As previously stated, inflation often occurs in conjunction with increased consumer demand, and increased demand forces businesses to recruit more workers in order to meet increased demand.

4. Government Subsidies

While inflation may be beneficial to employees, it is clearly detrimental to someone living on a fixed income — that is, an income that never fluctuates regardless of the state of the economy. For instance, pensioners getting Social Security payments and handicapped individuals receiving Social Security Disability Insurance are examples (SSDI).

5. Insolvency

Inflation is your friend if you are presently in debt. When the dollar continues to depreciate in value year after year, the dollars you spend to repay your debt have less buying power than they had when you took out the loan.

6. Financial savings

If inflation benefits borrowers, it hurts savers, particularly those who hold their money in cash.

7. Financial investment

Investments are classified into two types: debt and equity. Debt is money that you lend to others in exchange for interest. Your bank account balance is an example, since you are theoretically giving it to the bank to lend to others. Additionally, debt comprises corporate and municipal bonds — funds owed to corporations or municipalities.


Inflation is not always beneficial or detrimental. It increases prices and diminishes the buying power of your funds, but it also increases earnings and generally stimulates economic development. This is beneficial to investors and the economy as a whole.

And, of course, consider Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has many advantages over fiat, gold, or real estate. First, it’s not confiscatable like money or gold in the bank. Second, it is portable so it can be taken with you anywhere you go, should you need to escape war or a collapsing economy. Third, is decentralized so it’s impossible to manipulate like stocks or even gold markets do.

In order to protect your wealth, there is no other asset out there like it. Investors a starting to realize this and use it as an alternative to traditional vehicles in order to avoid inflation.

You need a safe haven, a risk-off asset, and a lifeboat for the financial turmoil that is about to unravel. Thankfully, Bitcoin is the best antidote against the expansionary monetary policies we’ve had for the last 50 years.


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