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18 March 2019

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Today Coinmarketcap, the “Google of Crypto”, added a new feature that had me a bit curious.

Named Fundamental Crypto Assets Score, or “FCAS”, the system is meant to evaluate a give a score based on a proprietary numerical expression.


Meaning, what is the impact of customer behavior, developer activity, and market risk?

Boiling a project down to a number between 1-1000, or simply giving it a letter grade, is quite novel in concept. How easy it would be if someone asked, “What are the best projects in crypto?” and you could just point them to the best FCAS has deemed worthy.


But that’s the thing. No matter how objective we try to program an algorithm that “judges”, we inevitably fall short with the interjection of subjectivity.


Acknowledging that humans are flawed, broken creatures and our attempts to be objective will forever fail, is it then an acceptable conclusion to say, “so what?”

After all, the aims of shills and paid bots are very different, but the result is still the same. We are in this space because somebody, be that a friend, a family member, a coworker, a stranger, a Youtuber (ahem), somebody shilled Bitcoin to us. There was a very real presence of subjective bias involved with our benefactors, was there not?


If they had told you about this great and wonderful thing called the blockchain and the mystery of Satoshi Nakamoto and the crypto community that thrived on disparate notions, would you have been more comforted if they superseded this with an FCAS score?

I hope I’m not being too pedantic here.


I see the value of something like an FCAS score. It gives motivations to evaluate a project correctly and pay attention to what matters (hint: it’s not the price).


Looking at the community, looking at the developers, looking at the project’s opportunity, that’s how you need to score a project in your own head. Thinking like a VC will get you very far in life, not just in crypto.


But that said, there are variables, circumstances, controversies, and outright chaos that no number, no system can plan for.


To show you how laughably inadequate any system might be at trying to determine “what are the ten best projects in crypto?”, just look at the coinmarketcap top 10 from a couple years ago.

I have a very high probability bet the current top 10 won’t stay that way, despite what their FCAS scores are.

An Update Regarding Our Portfolio

RSC Subscribers,

We are diligently working on providing you with our new RSC Managed Portfolio (V3.01) in the coming weeks. We will be posting iterative updates in the discord.


We intend on this portfolio being balanced between the Three Pillars of the Token Economy & Interchain:

Crypto, STOs, and DeFi projects. 

We will also make a concerted effort to draw from community involvement and make this portfolio community driven, like our Portfolio call on yesterday’s Discord chat.  

Thank you for your patience. 

Here’s a sneak peek at the new portfolio:


Here’s our past portfolios for reference: 



RSC Managed Portfolio (V2)


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RSC Unmanaged Altcoin Portfolio (V2)


 [visualizer id=”78512″] 


RSC Managed Portfolio (V1)