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14 May 2019

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Mind Of Mav


Hello From Consensus Day 2! 


Day 2 at Consensus mostly capitalized on what I saw yesterday — lots of optimism, focus on application, and a general trend towards a more professional space.


The general consensus, pun intended, is that the future of this space will coincide with the emergence of other technologies such as IoT, AI, Big Data, Cloud Computing, and the rise of globalization.


Furthermore, more volatility and price increase in response to Bitcoin becoming more scarce with the halvening in a year is seen as an accepted truth.


Other cryptocurrencies are where they were at the end of 2017 and the start of the bear market: fighting for significance and independence from Bitcoin’s shadow. I think that trend will continue but, for example, the stratification of DApp development from Ethereum solely to other platforms is representative of this.


In fact, what’s evident to me is that the space still deals heavily in tomorrow and the promise of realities that have yet to pass. Tokenization, DeFi, and mass market demand for decentralization are all in their infancy. But, if you were to walk among the people and placards here you’d get the impression that the industry was fully capable of offering fully-fleshed out alternatives to the finance and banking sectors.


It’s not a pejorative statement.


Never in my time in this space have I seen it so close to real usage beyond the borders of the innovator’s realm. IBM, Deloitte, Microsoft, Accenture, and many other major players are touting the business benefits of blockchain next to booths of startups barely with any users or capital.


But, mind you, it’s not because of big tech and finance institutions that we will succeed. They’re only a weathervane for the real winds of change at play here.


The world is evolving.


We have yet to see anything resembling the apotheosis of adoption regarding the internet itself.


Only half the world’s population is on it. And yet, I’m sure, the other half is starting to feel the effects of a more connected and conscience world.


What happens once we truly start to proliferate blockchain and AI and IoT and other emerging technologies fostered by the internet itself? What happens when we start to see a more egalitarian system?


Are we ready for this?


In this space I see an eagerness to capture that future.


I don’t just bet on Bitcoin. I bet that the future belongs to those willing to build and seek it.




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