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22 Gaming + Metaverse Projects Worth Looking Into

As the Metaverse and Blockchain’s potential together continues to get explored and built out, it’s fascinating to learn about some of the projects at the intersection of these two technology platforms. To that end, let’s quickly run through a list of gaming blockchain/crypto gaming projects working in metaverse. Remember, this is just a list and is not financial advice. DYOR on each of these before you even think about investing in something that is more speculation and promise than actual utility. I have provided links to each project mentioned in this list so you can research them individually.

Let’s begin!

Nakamoto Games

Play to earn earn gaming platform. Tokens are burnt through transactions and the total number of tokens are capped. This makes the NAKA token deflationary. The NAKA sdk is set to be released in Q2 of 2022.

A platform that is trying to make itself into the Xbox of blockchain gaming. Any developer can create a game for this platform. Need to own the NAKA token to use the platform for development.


Blockchain system offering all-in-one gaming infrastructure for developers and gamers. Seeking to disrupt the monopoly of the current gaming industry be decentralizing gaming distribution. Offering streaming of game play, and sdk for developers. Allows for resale of used games and developers still get a small royalty from that transaction. Allows for sale of NFT’s

Interesting this is built on the EOS systems which is a centralized ecosystem not utilized as much as other blockchain ecosystems. And the supply will be increasing while the system is rolled out going forward.


NFT gaming system that I think is one of the nicer looking games going so far. It is built using Unreal Engine gaming system. Only trailers are out. This game runs on the Ethereum blockchain and is a play-to-earn platform. You can also stake your Illuvium tokens, create NFT’s utilizing the token, and win rewards for game play all within the Illuvium universe.

There is a max supply of tokens but early in the platform’s existence a lot of tokens will be released for game play, to the team and through staking on the NFT gaming platform. Staking looks like the best way to make money with this system. But still the visuals out look amazing.

Quantum Works

Built with the Unreal Engine gaming production platform. Token is also deflationary while tokens are burned. Built on the Binance Smart Chain or BSC. Tokens are taxed on all buy sell and transfer transactions. The tax is 10% and divided between the team, the Quantum Works wallet, and what they call Reflections which Quantum Works calls their reward to those who are holding the token.

They are planning to build an Unreal Engine that allows interaction with the blockchain and Unreal Engine.

Guild of Guardians

Free to play and earn fantasy RPG mobile gaming platform that has not released yet. It will be built on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-721 gaming token platform. There is an active discord channel for this one.

Even though the game has not yet released you can purchase gaming nft’s through their store. Immutable X operates as the layer 2 solution for this game and that drastically lowers gas fees to zero or almost zero.


A medieval gaming ecosystem with deflationary mechanisms that integrates staking with gameplay, allowing RPG stakers to earn better rewards through increasing their in-game skill and experience levels. This is also built on the Solana ecosystem


Cornucopias Island combines gaming with real world commerce where general e-commerce corporations can market to game players. Built on the Cardano blockchain and using the Gero Wallet too.

You can create your own game play assets such as barns or tables and those can be minted and sold as an NFT in the game. The whitepaper does not mention tokenomics so no telling if this project has a set number of tokens or the supply grows over time.


A blockchain horse racing game. You can control all aspects of your NFT assets which is a horse. You purchase and breed horses to run in races in the DeRace universe. Much like Axie Infinity gaming.

The tokenomics are positive in that the system tokens are deflationary and all transactions within the ecosystem are through the DeRace token. You can buy and breed NFT gaming assets as in horses. Race them and earn rewards. Breed them and earn rewards. And you can bet on the races using DERC token and earn rewards that way as well.

Zed Run

A horse racing NFT project that lets you earn rewards through racing and breeding successfully in the Zed Run system. They have an entire set of videos designed to get you started using the game for breeding, racing and running a stable as well.

Their system is built on Ethereum and airdrops of new assets come periodically. You can purchase Zed Run NFT’s on the Opensea NFT platform.


Esports and video entertainment platform. This brings advertisers to your door. The business model is to create better access for advertisers to direct marketing to an audience. Verasity’s mission is to significantly increase advertising revenues for video publishers on any video platform.

You can buy and stake VRA tokens through the Vera Wallet.


A virtual metaverse system based upon Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain(BSC). You can own virtual services in the form of taxis, gas stations and other services in this virtual world where you can also own land. As of writing this only the BSC wallet is functional. Ethereum will come later on.

The POLC token is minted in game play of this virtual city is an ERC-20 token and the NFT assets are ERC_721 assets. The POLC token is used to run the entire game and is the reward earned. This is a virtual city with a few casinos too.

UFO Gaming

UFO Gaming is a fully decentralized social gaming platform built on the Ethereum blockchain but utilizing a multichain ecosystem for its in-house games. Its gameplay places players within the ‘Dark Metaverse’, a closed-loop ecosystem consisting of different P2E games. Players earn UAP and UFO tokens through their gameplay on the UFO platform.

UFO Gaming is looking to build a 3D virtual world with a play-to-earn economy that will comprise multiple different P2E games within its universe. UFO Gaming offers players a complex and visually engaging alternative from the typical P2E offering as a collaborative ecosystem.


Want to earn some SOUL? That is the native token for the Phantasma NFT gaming NFT creation platform. You can create NFT assets on NEO, Phantasma, Polygon and Avalanche ecosystems through the Ghost Marketplace. There’s a lot to this system.

The Phantasma blockchain system’s unique Smart NFT’s are programmable assets. It consists of two layers ROM and RAM. ROM is a set of immutable NFT characteristics. ROM are programmable characteristics that mean an NFT could conceivably contain multiple NFT assets to create the main NFT that you would play. This is unique. Whether it’ll go anywhere as an asset is another matter. As all this happens on the Phantasma blockchain you don’t pay the fees of Ethereum.


An ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. The list of partnerships includes Ultra, Rarible, Opensea, Litecoin Foundation, Enjin and others. The supply of tokens is capped at 7,771,000,000. It is not clear at this point what Atari plans to do in the NFT blockchain metaverse.


A medieval RPG blockchain game. Like Dungeon & Dragons for the blockchain as far as game play goes. Current token supply is 1,000,000,000 and is fixed. You can buy land with tokens won in game play. Staking the MIST token can be done both inside and outside the gaming universe. The MIST token though is the only currency that can be used in game play. All this is built with Unity game engine.


There is already a lot written about this metaverse platform and I am not sure I have much to add. You can buy and sell land in the Sandbox metaverse. Game NFT’s can be purchased on Opensea for use within the game. With Softbank making an investment, this system will be around for a while.. SAND token is the primary means of creating financial interactions on this platform. You can create your own games, stake the token to earn more tokens, and use the token to buy virtual land in the Sandbox universe that can be used to create revenue.

The max supply of land plots is 166,464 and the max supply of SAND tokens is 3,000,000,000. SAND tokens used in game play are not burnt but are put back into the SAND foundation to fund future community projects.

Gala Games

Gala is a token in the gaming and NFT space. It’s used on Gala Games which is a platform created in 2019 by one of the co-founders of Zynga, an $8billion gaming company. Gala is used as the medium of exchange between people who are playing. The tokens can be used to pay for items within the game.

Max supply of tokens is 50,000,000,000. And most of the games for this platform have yet to be released to the public. Utilizes the Binance Smart Chain(BSC).


If you have been in crypto for a time you have heard of this game. The tokenomics make it deflationary as MANA is burnt whenever users buy land. This will boost the price over time as there is a fixed number of tokens. The object of this metaverse game is to buy land with the MANA token. Decentraland has seen meaningful adoption, as one of the first decentralized virtual worlds, with most of its 90k LAND parcels now trading only on the secondary market. MANA is also one of the select few tokens that Grayscale has a dedicated trust.


Deflationary token. There is a set number tokens for this 3D metaverse game. There is also a mobile application that serves as a wallet for this virtual reality platform. What happens is you can scan yourself into the metaverse. Create your own avatar and enter the metaverse. This allows you to play games there, or attend virtual art exhibits taking place anywhere in the world virtually, or any other type of event such as sports events where appearing in person is not necessarily possible.

The wallet will eventually integrate with Visa that will allow users to buy tokens through the mobile app. HERO has been built on the Binance Smart Chain which means lower fees than using the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem.

Wilder World

Calling itself a platform built by artists for artists. Decentralized technology lets Wilder World members create, discover, collect and share their favorite NFT artworks via our global art network. The Wilder World DAO utilizes proprietary technology powered by, a fast, secure and scalable peer-to-peer application protocol, capable of handling millions of transactions per second.

Dreams Quest

It is represented by the DREAMS token on many exchanges. There is a max supply of tokens at 4,000,000,000 DREAMS. Each card in the Dream’s Quest game is a dynamic NFT and is affected by a variety of in-game scenarios that may affect card attributes. As the cards are play over time, they continue to evolve, thereby allowing each card to develop based on where and when they are played by the player and what outcomes occur from gameplay. This is primarily a trading card game built on the blockchain. The DREAMS token works as an in game asset

Spells of Genesis

A blockchain trading card game. Similar to Dreams Quest and Magic: the Gathering — wonder when they will launch a blockchain version. Each game card is represented by an NFT on the blockchain. Spells of Genesis is one of the pioneering games in the blockchain space, as it launched in 2017 on mobile phones. It was the first mobile game that introduced non-fungible tokens. Instead of Ethereum it used the Bitcoin Counterparty blockchain for that. I find it interesting it is built basically on the Bitcoin blockchain, where few things are built.

Metis Dao

Working to create DAO’’s, dApps, and NFT projects. A Layeer-2 solution for the Ethereum network and NFT’s. Metis has also developed its unique middleware called Polis that enables developers to perform smart contract integration functions. Polis is expected to bridge between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, allowing developers to build applications more efficiently.

Token supply is 4,930,000 tokens with 1,260,399 tokens in circulation. More tokens are released each month on the 13th. Large unlock of tokens for November has been delayed 3 months into the future.

Immutable X

Layer-2 scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain specifically focusing on moving NFT’s to layer-2. Also one of the few metaverse projects that puts the environment into their mission. This is a true layer-2 solution for NFT’s. Unlike Matic or xDai which are sidechains really. As a scaling solution for NFT’s they have created their own marketplace for NFT’s and you can use Metamask with their marketplace. With a max token supply of 2,000,000,000.

22 Racing Series

Utilizes smart NFT assets. On a practical note this means each vehicle in the game is created from multiple singular NFT assets. Your car is a composite of many NFT’s that can be purchased throughout the game. But actual purchase happens on a third party exchange. A further selling point is the POV token is carbon neutral. And uses a Phantasma wallet address for transactions.

To make the gaming platform realistic 22 Racing Series has partnered with AMD as the main tech partner. Other partnerships include Radeon, Steem, and Playstation.

Thank you for reading

I plan to go more in depth with some of these projects in the near future.



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