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The Rise Of The Solo Capitalist

Yesterday we covered the concept of a “Solo Capitalist” and how you need to take control of your financial destiny in 2020 and beyond.

Today, we’ll continue that topic by discussing how you can start down the path of financial independence from the system even with a small account.

That’s because, even if you’re dirt poor, there’s no reason to not be in the stock market.

In 2020, only one barrier exists — access to information and technology.

This isn’t the stock market’s fault. Blame deep-rooted, systemic problems for this persistent societal ill.

For as inequitable and mean as our capitalist society is, you have to give the stock market’s gatekeepers credit. They have removed the financial barriers to access that once prohibited people with very little money from investing.

Much of what remains is a messaging problem.

And it’s not even about settling on a message. That’s the simple part.

You can invest in the stock market with as little as $1.00!

That’s powerful, particularly for those who have always felt left out.

Getting the word out to these people and the millions whose warranted cynicism and apathy led to inattention — that’s the hard part.

Let’s get into what is changing to allow more access:

No More Minimums

Most online brokerages use to require minimum deposits of $5,000 or $1,000 to open an account.

Only a couple went below $1,000 or eliminated the minimum altogether.

Today, no or low minimum has become the norm.

You can literally open an investment account with $1.00.

No More Commission Charges

Low minimums didn’t make much sense when online brokers charged commissions.

Having $6.95 deducted from a $25.00 investment didn’t make sense. In this scenario, you’re already 28% in the hole.

Even with low commissions, the numbers didn’t add up.

Investing $25.00 a month, even with a low $2 commission, defies mathematical logic. It eats away not only at gains, but negates the impact of investment income, such as dividends.

Now, it’s uncommon to pay a commission charge to buy or sell a stock. Why would any individual investor use a brokerage that charges these fees? You can literally invest every penny you deposit in your online brokerage account.

Fractional Shares

There’s nothing better than this.

You’re not going to feel like a baller with your 0.8325 shares of Apple, but at least $100 will get you in the game. It establishes a position. It allows you to make regular incremental investments that add up.

You can literally log into many brokerage accounts, set an amount you want to invest, and have it distributed evenly between some of the stock market’s biggest names. In this instance, you might pay a minimum, something like $25 per stock. But you can put up $100, spread it across, say, Apple, Netflix, Amazon, and Google (formerly known as Alphabet), and you have started a stock market portfolio.

That said, if you all you have is that $1.00, you can find hugely popular brokerages (e.g., Robinhood) who will let you invest it in most stocks you would be interested in buying.

Bottom Line

The common refrain of an excuse no longer holds.

“I don’t have enough money to invest.”

Not true. Do you have $1.00?

If not, you can find $1.00. And probably considerably more.

Start with the food you eat.

Think about impulse purchases. Examine how you’re spending the income you can dispose of after paying your obligatory living expenses.

Divert some of this cash into a no-minimum, no-fee, online brokerage account, load up on fractional shares, and you’ll start seeing results instantly. Even if you don’t build an impressive balance right away, the choice you made represents $1.00 earned and a $1.00 saved. That’s a psychological boost more valuable than most other things you can spend your money on.



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