Instead of trying to find value by attaching dApps to gaming or gambling, MakerDAO is a provably solvent model and is increasing in popularity.


Adding to that, Compound is multicollateral and lets you earn interest on deposits. In December I was making 18%+ on my DAI investment. So, instead of just parking your capital in stablecoins while you wait out for a market bottom, you can earn interest while you do so. 


Not to mention, the interest rates are crazy low on some of these assets. So, I was borrowing DAI from a collateralized debt position at 2.5% ( and lending it back at 18%. In a sense, having your cake and eating it too. 


Of course, it’s not as profitable now, but even still the current rate of DAI lending (between 3-4%) lets you beat inflation for a stable asset. Nice. 


What also interests me (pun intended) is how using MakerDAO and Compound we’ve essentially turned retail banking into a series of internet protocols — full transparency and solvency is built into the code. 


I doubt many retail banks realize what’s on the horizon.