Your Trading Edge Masterclass

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Module 1 – Why Do Retail Traders Suck at Making Money?

Please ensure that you open the module video in full-screen mode by clicking on the “square” and then select HD resolution.

Module 2 – The Trader Progression

Did you know that there is a clear “progression path” that every trader goes through? 

Module 3 – Finding Your “One Thing”

You’ll progress much faster to profitability if you narrow your focus to “one thing” that you can call your own. 

Module 4 – Creating a Trading Edge

To win a trade, you must have an “edge” over the rest of the competition. It’s not good enough just to show up and throw your capital at the market. What is a Trading Edge, and how can we build one? 

Module 5 – Creating Your Plan

If you fail to plan, then plan to fail. This module covers how to set up your trading as a “business,” and what should go into a strategy-specific trading plan. 

Module 6 – Strategy Development

Strategies are not usually profitable until you “internalize” them an tune them to the market that you’re trading. What is the process used to accomplish that? The Pareto Excel file can be downloaded here

Module 7 – Actions That Will Lose You Money

There are a number of known actions that Retail Traders take which cost them money every single time, yet they are very “natural” actions to take thus they are repeated continually. 

Module 8 – The Success Mindset

If you can’t envision it, it won’t happen. How do you create a success-based mindset that can lead you to where you want to go? 

Module 9 – Success Habits

Every habit that you have acts as a “vote” for who you want to be. Habits will put you on the path to success when adopted correctly.

Module 10 – Program Summary

Let’s tie everything together and talk about how to move forward from here…